The Start of Something New…

“To be honest I never thought it would affect me and I always thought I was ‘fine’.” Quote – from most people when they receive a mental health diagnosis.

If even those who suffer from this horrendous, life threatening illness think they “won’t be affected” and are kind of adding stigma to themselves – then what hope do we have to change the rest of the worlds view on the matter?

Well I hope that this is where we start something new. I hope this is where we create a turning point, a fork in the road. Lets kill stigma so that mental health doesn’t kill humans.

We are not just a “Mistake To You” we are living, breathing, deserving, human beings and we will get better and we will be our best selves again – we’ve got this!

One thought on “The Start of Something New…

  1. Trust me, I never knew that the death of someone else can kill me like this….. Chester, I don’t know why, but I can’t bare with the fact that he is no more


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